A former GP surgery in York will be converted into a home of multiple occupation (HMO).

City of York Council chiefs have agreed to allow the conversion of the ex-GP surgery at 289 Hull Road, despite the fact the move will exceed the threshold for HMOs in the street.

As previously reported by The Press, the former GP surgery - more recently the home of York Foot Clinic - was the subject of plans to become a HMO for four adults.

On Monday, April 22, City of York Council approved the plans.

Keira Moore, a podiatrist who owns the building and ran the York Foot Clinic, was the applicant behind the conversion.

She recently told The Press she was "considering all her options".

Local councillor Mark Warters, who represents Osbaldwick and Derwent ward previously said an HMO would mean "the loss of a potential residential family home to the student-let HMO market".

The council's case officer for the application, Natalie Ramadhin, wrote in the approval report: "Although the proposal would take the street level above the threshold for HMOs, this figure can only be used for guidance."


"The loss of the employment building, in this instance, is considered acceptable taking into account the surrounding area and scale of employment," the report added.

The approval of the plans were conditional, with the council stipulating that a bollard has to be erected to the western elevation of the building, in order to prevent cars parking. It added that noise insulation measures should be taken at the property before residents move in.

Because the building was a commercial unit, the applicants argued that it wouldn't lead to the loss of a dwelling house. 

The original application said: "It is considered that the proposed development use as a four- person HMO would result in fewer comings and goings and general activity than the commercial foot clinic."

"It is considered that the nature of occupation as a four person HMO would not have a negative effect on neighbours, however, a comprehensive management plan has been provided which would assist in such issues such as information and advice to residents, garden maintenance, refuse and recycling collections and property maintenance issues."