As the broadband industry continues to enforce inflation-linked mid-contract price rises, new research from Zen Internet reveals that almost half (49%) disagreed that they would consider a mid-contract price rise above inflation in their broadband contract fair, with three quarters (75%) in support of the proposed ban on this practice by telecoms regulator Ofcom.

In December regulator Ofcom announced a proposal to ban inflation linked mid-contract price rises, with a formal decision to be announced this Spring. In the meantime, customers of the big four providers are seeing their contract prices hiked by as much as 8.8% this month (April).

As many as two fifths (39%) would not consider any mid-contract price rise fair in their broadband contract, however, fears of switching continue to hold people back. The hassle of switching (27%), cost of switching (19%), and fear of internet disruption (18%) have stopped or would stop people from switching provider in the future.

In the same survey, a third (34%) of respondents revealed that they would switch broadband provider but find it difficult to know where to go. This comes as just over half (51%) say they would be more likely to consider switching services if switching broadband providers was easier and more hassle free.

The survey of 2,001 UK adults was commissioned by Zen, recently named the only Which? Recommended Provider for Broadband in 2024. This marks the fourth consecutive year the internet provider has stood out as the only one to earn the Which? Recommended Provider status, cementing its reputation for customer service and technical support.

Full fibre broadband from Zen over the CityFibre network can now be accessed by circa 50,000 homes across York, providing a faster and more reliable service. The service also comes with a contract price promise, so the price a customer pays will remain the same for the duration of the contract. This bucks the trend of the major providers who have inflation-linked price increases built into their contracts. Which? research demonstrates that this year’s increases, most of which come into effect from April, could see affected customers paying around the cost of a 13th month on top of their existing contract.

Zen earned a maximum five stars for customer service, technical support, communication and, importantly as the UK continues to grapple with a cost-of-living challenge and high inflation, value for money in the Which? annual survey of broadband providers. Zen was one of only two providers to score a maximum five stars in the value for money category, with 85% of its customers rating them highly in this area.

With an overall score of 70%, Zen has once again left the big four lagging behind in the 60 percentiles.

Richard Tang, CEO, Zen Internet, said: “Research shows price, reliability, and speed are top factors when choosing a broadband provider and Zen has again scored top marks across these categories. We also have a huge ethical focus putting people and the planet ahead of financial return for shareholders.”

The Which? write up, said: “If you’re with one of the Big Four, it’s worth exploring whether there’s another available provider that deserves your custom more. Our research shows that the grass really can be greener.” Which? also added that: “Zen Internet generally outdid the big providers, whether you focus on ratings for their connections, customer service or value for money.”

If you’re looking for a broadband provider that puts your needs first, check out Zen’s award-winning broadband packages by entering your postcode on their website at or call the team on 01706 902 745.

The Zen service over the CityFibre network can be accessed by thousands of homes in York at several speed options ranging from £28 per month for Full Fibre 100 up to £40 per month for the fastest product available, Full Fibre 900, all with free set-up.