THERE is definitely no through route along Queen Street to and from York Railway Station this morning.

But so far fears of traffic chaos caused by the weekend-long closure of the road and part of Station Road have failed to materialise.

Motorists appear to have heeded advice given by transport bosses and are avoiding driving into the city centre.

City of York Council urged anyone who would normally have taken the car to catch the bus or walk. Buses that would usually have driven along  Queen Street are using a diversion route.

The latest train strike may also have reduced the number of people in the area as York Railway Station saw fewer trains than normal.

York Press: Under Queen Street BridgeUnder Queen Street Bridge (Image: Simon Walton)

Under Queen Street, work is under way to prepare for the demolition of the Queen Street Bridge next weekend, when the road will again be closed from Friday 8pm to Monday 6am.

Contractors are building a temporary road for use after next weekend.

York Press: Under Queen Street bridgeUnder Queen Street bridge (Image: Simon Walton)

It will be tarmacked and will have two lanes, allowing traffic to flow in both directions, he said – so there should not be major traffic problems over the summer once the Queen Street Bridge has been demolished, despite the ongoing work.

The closures and demolition are part of a major revamp of the area called York Station Gateway.