I FIND it hard to believe that more has not been said about the ridiculous situation that exists with the anti-terrorist bollards at Spurriergate/High Ousegate junction.

Thousands of pounds of taxpayer money was spent on bollards only to find that the only thing that keeps any terrorist vehicles out is a row of traffic cones.

The council is taking us for fools and l haven't seen a word of explanation in The Press or anywhere else.

Let's have some answers from the council . That's if anyone in the council ever reads The Press.

Brian Ledger,

Horseman Close,



Thoughts on our younger generation

1: When a political party in government has no attraction to voters between the ages of 18 to 30, come a general election they are in serious trouble. For to this group, propaganda promoted by an opposition party of which they have never experienced as a government, their future appears like seventh heaven, the ultimate rainbow of life. Then when this proves to be a myth they, like previous generations, realise how truly conned they have been by which time it is too late for some, half their life has passed by.

2: What an odd situation we have allowed to develop among 18-24 year olds when they find it preferable not to work simply by claiming "mental health" problems, knowing they will receive sufficient remuneration from the government via benefits.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,



Are we reverting back to good old UK weights and measures?

OVER the past week when reading newspapers, magazines and watching TV I have noticed a big change with stories and adverts.

Things like :-

Dog falls 60ft over cliff ( it was not injured )

100ft chimney demolished

Consumer group condemns cost of a gallon of petrol

Planning application rejected as building 15 yards too long

14oz premature baby celebrates 1st birthday

I lost two stone with this diet

Electric car manufacturers saying how many miles they get from a full charge

Not a metre, kilo or litre in sight.

Seems like more and more people are reverting back to good old UK weights and measures.

Mel Burley,

Albion Avenue,



Dear Auntie, what about Angela Rayner?

LETTER to the BBC aka the political voice of the Labour Party.

Have you forgotten that while you vilify the Conservative MP about the misuse of party funds the deputy leader of the Labour Party is being investigated for allegedly giving false information to HMRC and the electoral role authorities?

TJ Ryder,




Here's an idea

WHILE waiting for my god-daughter to come out from her swimming lessons I have time to observe people leaving the swimming baths. It surprised me how many adults and quite a few teenagers walked out peering down at their mobiles.

And I realised there must an opportunity for someone to produce a waterproof container or an adapted body board for a phone and or phone pocket for swimming costumes.

Could be a real money spinner.

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,




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