York-based specialist insurance provider, The Insurance Emporium has become a supporting sponsor of the Angling Trust Anglers Against Litter campaign.

This follows the Thorpe Underwood-based company becoming a Trade Association member of the trust in 2023.

The Angling Trust Anglers Against Litter campaign, whose main sponsor is Shimano, is a UK-wide initiative dedicated to reducing litter in and around our rivers, lakes, and seas.

The emporium says the trust’s mission aligns with its own values and its long-standing tradition of supporting outdoor and leisure activities while advocating for the responsible stewardship of natural resources.

Francis Martin, CEO of The Insurance Emporium, said: “Being based in York, we know all too well the importance of looking after our waterways to help protect local wildlife. More recently we have seen the impact climate change can have on our rivers with regular flooding now synonymous with many areas of the country, including our own.”

“The impact this has can be hugely detrimental to both the people that live there and the wildlife, therefore we want to offer our support to this fantastic campaign and help build on its success in the coming years.”

For more about the campaign go to the angling trust website.