An annual beer festival will be held at St Lawrence church in York despite some concerns from neighbouring residents.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) hosts a beer and cider festival in York over one week every year, usually in September.

On Monday, April 15, organisers were given permission from the City of York Council to host the event at St Lawrence Church and Community Hall, Lawrence Street.

They had previously used bigger spaces, including the Knavesmire, but dwindling attendances have meant smaller venues have been necessary.

Karl Smith, the CAMRA festival organiser, said: “As is the case in many CAMRA beer festivals, attendance has been declining since about 2017.

“We had a peak of about 10,000 customers over the four days back in those years.

“This meant that a large outfield festival became increasingly unviable.”

Mr Smith added that two years off without the festival taking place during the Covid-19 pandemic also had “a lasting effect” on attendance.

Addressing concerns over potentially rowdy attendees, Mr Smith said: “The odd customer does drink more than their limit, but we are used to handling these.

“We know when to call an ambulance if they are in that parlous of a state.”

Mr Smith added that there have never been any “significant incidents” since the festival - which was held in the church last year for the first time - has been held in York.

Despite this, some residents raised concerns over the festival disturbing nearby properties.

Mr Smith said: “We’re surprised and disappointed that a small number of residents have chosen to complain now.

“We try hard to be responsible and accommodating when possible and it might have been helpful if they complained to us at the time or shortly after the event rather than six months later.”

The licence was granted.