A number of supermarkets across the UK have implemented major changes customers will notice in stores this month.

Supermarket giants Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are among those who have either introduced new rules, or are trialling them in stores across the country.

While some stores will have new rules for afternoon shoppers, others have launched a new 10p charge at checkouts.

These are the changes you will notice in supermarkets this month.

Tesco introduces new 10p charge at checkout

Tesco has introduced a new 10p charge at some of its UK stores as part of a new trial.

The supermarket giant is testing a new pilot scheme that sees customers given the option to buy a clothes hanger for 10p anytime they purchase F&F clothing.

Customers will be given the choice to either purchase the hanger, or it will be reused by the store.

A small number of stores are taking part in the trial, though Tesco did not confirm which stores or how many, the Mirror reported.

Responses from shoppers who have encountered the trial charge have been mixed.

One customer took to Reddit to label it as a “sneaky charge being imposed on customers”.

However, others backed the trial, arguing it was “surely a good thing” as it would reduce plastic waste and the only people taking the hanger would be people who needed it.

Morrisons change rules for afternoon shoppers

Morrisons is extending its popular shopping Quieter Hour, turning what can be a daunting task for many people into a calmer experience.

Extended Quieter Hours will now also run between 2pm to 3pm every week from Monday to Thursday, with the aim of helping even more customers.

During these hours, stores will operate lower levels of lighting, turn off music and radio, avoid making Tannoy announcements, reduce movement of trolleys, turn off checkout beeps and place posters outside informing customers of the changes.

The initiative, which initially took place between 9am and 10am on a Saturday and for the first hour of trade on a Sunday began as part of the National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour campaign.

Tianna Cowan, Corporate Partnerships Lead at the National Autistic Society, added: “It’s fantastic that Morrisons is extending its Quieter Hour initiative to support more customers while shopping.

“For some of the more than 700,000 autistic people in the UK, the loud, bright and crowded environments of supermarkets can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s vital for all businesses to learn more about the often-small adjustments they can make to be more autism friendly.

“It’s great to see businesses like Morrisons taking the time to understand and create a welcoming environment for autistic people and their families.”

Sainsbury’s expands savings deal range

Sainsbury’s has expanded its Low Everyday Prices offer to more than 1,000 products.

The supermarket now has three ways of giving customers value across its range, with Low Everyday Prices, Aldi Price Match prices, and Nectar Prices.

Low Everyday Prices replaces Price Lock and complements the retailer’s Aldi Price Match campaign, which is now available on 550 products.

It allows Sainsbury’s to offer low prices on a selection of big brand products, many of which aren’t available in Aldi.

Simon Roberts, Chief Executive of Sainsbury’s said: “As the weather gets warmer and the evenings lighter, we’re well prepared to support our customers with great value as they get ready to socialise more.

“One of the ways we’re doing this is through the launch of Low Everyday Prices, a simpler way of showcasing our value which allows us more flexibility to respond more quickly to the market.

“It will give our customers confidence that we have great low prices on over 1000 more of their favourite branded products – like Heinz, Kellogg's, Nescafe, Huggies, Tampax and Dettol – and complements Nectar Prices and Aldi Price Match.”