Whether you want to make the most of the stunning coastal views at Robin Hood’s Bay or visit for some of the tastiest fish and chips around, there is plenty to do in this North Yorkshire village.

But if you’re passing by on your travels in the car, you might be wondering where you can park during your next trip to the seaside.

Although there are only a few car parks around Robin Hood’s Bay, we have put together a guide so you know where to leave your vehicle ahead of your next day out.

Where can you park at Robin Hood’s Bay?

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There are two car parks in Robin Hood’s Bay for visitors to use, which are both situated at the top of the steep hill, leading down to the lower part of the village, according to the Robin Hood’s Bay website.

It explains: “There are 2 public car parks, a small one just before the steep hill to the old village, and a much bigger one that used to be the old railway station.

“Hourly and daily payments can be made in the normal way at the Pay and Display machines.

“Alternatively, permits for longer stays can be obtained from the Post Office (Station Road Stores) and they can be used in any car park within the borough of Scarborough (both long term and short term car parks) should you want to explore whilst you’re here.”

York Press: This is where you can find a car park in Robin Hood's BayThis is where you can find a car park in Robin Hood's Bay (Image: Getty)

Station Car Park

You can find this car park on Station Road, opposite the Grosvenor Hotel.

This is the biggest of the two public car parks at Robin Hood’s Bay with spaces for 207 cars and four coaches.

There are also two designated disabled parking bays.

Robin Hood’s Bay website says: “It is a Pay and Display car park, and payment can be made at the machine with cash, credit card or Ring and Go.”

Bank Top Car Park

Not too far away from Station Car Park, this is also located on Station Road opposite the Victoria Hotel, just before you approach the steep hill.

Bank Top Car Park has 74 spaces - two are allocated for disabled drivers and four are allocated for electric vehicle charging.

This is also a Pay and Display car park and payment works in the same way as Station Car Park.

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Robin Hood’s Bay website adds: “Some accommodation in Lower Bay comes with a parking permit for the private Fisherhead car park which is about half way down the bank on the right hand side.

“If you don't have a Fisherhead parking permit, most people park in the car parks at the top and carry their luggage down the hill to their cottage.  If you feel that’s a bit too far or too steep, you can drive down into the old village, unload then drive back up to the car parks at the top.

“The road is narrow and twisty, and you will need to do a nifty 3 point turn at the bottom to get back out!! Please try to park as close to the road edge whilst you unload so that other vehicles can pass.”