Hunmanby-based Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery’s latest limited-edition bottling is Filey Bay Porter Cask Special Release.

This is a 50% abv, a fruity and complex whisky with flavours of orange chocolate, roasted malt, baked apples and candied fruits.

The ex-PX Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks selected for Filey Bay Porter Cask were originally filled in 2017.

Disgorged years later, the whisky from the ex-PX casks formed Sherry Cask Reserve #2, while the whisky from the ex-Bourbon casks was integrated into the Flagship system.

From here, the casks were refilled with sister company Wold Top Brewery’s ‘Marmalade Porter’.

After 15 months the casks were disgorged to create Rip Curl barrel-aged beer and refilled with ex-Bourbon matured whisky from 2018.

Filey Bay Porter Cask Special Release is the result of careful marrying of these casks.

Whisky director Joe Clark said: “We have many special cask types in our warehouse, but few as special as these that reflect our expertise as farmers, brewers and distillers. You’ll find complex flavours in both the whisky and the beer as the rich chocolatey flavours of the porter have been deepened by our casks and the fruity flavours of our whisky have been elevated by the rich maltiness of the porter.

“We spent many days at the marrying stage, ensuring that the balance of flavours and the bottling strength of 50% abv complemented each other, and we’re very pleased with both the whisky and the beer. The two stand alongside each other really well, and, although they both drink tremendously well on their own, it’s when they’re tasted side by side that they really sing.”

Limited to 2,000 bottles, Filey Bay Porter Cask is £80 with a tube, or £78 without a tube.Rip Curl, alc 8.5% vol, has complex fruity flavours from the dark, roasted, chocolate, and coffee flavours of the beer combined with the light, fruity, vanilla notes of Filey Bay.

Barrel-aged for 15months, it is the fourth in Wold Top’s Ebb & Flow series of beers, a collaboration between the two businesses that Tom Mellor co-founded.

It costs £4.62 for 330 ml and is available online at and from selected independent retailers.