A popular park in York has seen a major a clean-up effort after being shut for months due to flooding.

Rowntree Park, which is close to the River Ouse, was shut from mid-December until early March due to flooding. 

During the closures the Friend's of Rowntree Park said: "Once the flood water is cleared, there will be a lot of tidying and repairs to do."

A Friend's of Rowntree Park spokesperson said the lengthy closures weren't only due to storms and rainfall over winter - but also issues with the water pumping systems.

They said: "Over the last couple of years there have been a number of issues with the inbuilt system including the pump failing to work (City of York Council did replace it last year), and at times the valves not being released manually when they should be.

"The issues have at times led the park to be closed longer than it should be if all systems were in place."

York Press: Volunteers have been helping to clean up Rowntree park after months of closureVolunteers have been helping to clean up Rowntree park after months of closure (Image: Supplied)

However, since reopening on March 11, the park has embraced a volunteer led clean-up effort - whilst letting normal service resume. 

A spokesperson said: "Both the council and Friends of Rowntree Park volunteers put in a huge amount of work to get the park back open - also helped by a Community Payback Team.

"Volunteers cleared paths, washed down memorial benches, and have been assessing the damage to the areas the charity funds and gardens.  

"A number of trees fell in the flood, but they have been put to good use for repairs for the story circle - in addition, the council tree surgeons kindly got creative with a large tree stump  - much to the delight of the families who attend the regular forest school - it's been described as magical."

On bank holiday Monday, the charity and fitness group, Goodgym, sent around 20 volunteers to the park and to help move woodchip and made repairs to the park's woodland story circle.

York Press: Goodgym sent volunteers to help the clean-up effortGoodgym sent volunteers to help the clean-up effort (Image: Supplied)

The Friends' added: "(We) also had some extra helpers aged 11 who washed down the 'Art in the park' and other signs in the park that were muddy post-flood.

"It was amazing to see the park full of life last Thursday when the Friends hosted their annual Easter Eggstravaganza - over 200 families raising just over £700 that will go back into the work the volunteers do in helping maintain and improve the park."

Clean up and repairs at Rowntree Park continue, with regular gardening sessions restarting from April 8. Anyone is welcome - and no experience or skills are needed. More details can be found on the park's website.