I’M no expert and there may be a lot of reasons against it but here’s a radical idea: why not make the inner ring road one way?

This would immediately make it two lanes wide and or allow wider, safer cycle lanes as well as significantly reduce waiting time at traffic lights because vehicles would only have to wait to allow joining traffic on to the main road as opposed to extended waits such as at Nunnery Lane/Blossom Street, Bootham/Gillygate and Foss Islands Road/Lawrence Street.

Bus stops would only be required on one side of the road allowing traffic to flow freely past waiting buses. Again Nunnery Lane is a good example outside All Saints school.

Yes, journeys may be longer in distance but ultimately a lot quicker improving the air quality in the city.

Of course there are many engineering challenges surrounding areas like Castle Mills bridge/Fishergate loop, alterations to traffic lights and some road and bollard changes but if money can be found for the station gateway project then surely it’s worth considering?

Alex Groves,

Murton Way,




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No thanks NASA!

WHAT a dilemma NASA has got itself into by trying to moondate future lunar travellers. What tosh!

All BAA (British Astronomical Society) lunar observations have used UT (Universal Time) to record lunar observations. From Earth or space watch time why not KISS (Keep It Simple Solution) the problem away?

Einstein however calls the shots with the time space gravity conundrum. Heavy earth gravity versus one six lunar gravity creates a hiccup! Time slows down as gravity gets heavier like a close encounter with a black hole.

Think back to latter years when all our rail travel clocks had to be adjusted because London and up north had different time zones due to the sun adjustments.

We Brits adjusted to what we have now today.

Phil Shepherdson,




French are toasting Rishi's boats failure

Rishi Sunak's idea of success via progress in combatting illegal immigration appears to be one for the fairies.

Nearly 5,000, a new high, have crossed the channel in three months, the French must be raising a glass every night toasting another day's work well done.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,