YORK'S district judge wants to know more about an Afghan refugee’s mental state before sentencing him for thousands of pounds of vandalism in his new home city.

Mohammed Ahmadi, 38, was an interpreter for the UK Armed Forces in his native Afghanistan for years until the Taliban took over and he had to flee, York Magistrates Court heard.

His solicitor Sean Wilson said the 38-year-old British military support worker was among those evacuated in the chaos of Kabul Airport during the UK-USA withdrawal in August 2022. He was initially taken to Pakistan and then came to live in North Yorkshire.

“He came because of threats not only to himself but also to his family. He is married with five children,” said Mr Wilson. Ahmadi has been prescribed medication by a doctor in this country.

District Judge Adrian Lower said it was possible that Ahmadi’s experiences in Afghanistan had left him with post traumatic stress disorder.

Ahmadi, of Ripon, was before the courts for a spate of vandalism of parked cars in Ripon last winter. He pleaded guilty to three charges of criminal damage.

Antony Farrell, prosecuting, said altogether Ahmadi caused damage that would cost £2,200 to repair.

He had no previous convictions.

The judge told Ahmadi: “There is clearly something going on in your life that led you to commit the offences you did. You have no difficulties with any of the owners of the vehicle.”

Ahmadi appeared to have just “come across” the parked vehicles and vandalised them.

“I think there is something going on in terms of your mental health that caused you to do as you did,” said the judge.

He adjourned the case until May while probation officers prepare a pre-sentence report on Ahmadi He warned him that he had not decided whether he should be jailed or given a community punishment and released him on bail with conditions that he does not contact any of the car owners in any way and does not go into the street where one of the owners, a woman, lives.

Mr Farrell said the woman told police Ahmadi “regularly goes down the street and stares at her.”

Mr Wilson said the prosecution would be seeking a restraining order aimed at protecting the woman when Ahmadi is sentenced.

Mr Farrell said the first vandalism was on December 23 at 10.15pm when Ahmadi damaged a BMW with his key causing damage costing between £500 and £1,000.

The second was on January 13 at 1.45pm when again Ahmadi scratched the side of a car in a different street with his key. Again the damage would cost £1,000 to repair.

The third vandalism occurred on February 15 when Ahmadi smashed the glass of a wing mirror, causing damage that would cost £200 to repair. Some of the vandalism was captured on CCTV.