AFTER all the disruption and cost of installing the ugly security bollards, I was astonished to see them open at Easter.

The previous Lib/Green administration told us that these huge obstructions were needed to protect us from mad murderous people driving into crowds.

If that was a genuine risk, why are they not being closed routinely at weekends and other busy times?

I suspect the reason is partly the cost of having people to open them, but also that the analysis of the security risk is deeply flawed, and the actual risk of an attack is so low that it allows them to be open almost all the time.

So now our cash-strapped city has to meet the ongoing operation and maintenance cost of these ridiculous pillars cluttering up our beautiful city, but with no tangible benefit to anyone.

Christopher Rainger,

Grange Street,



Time for a General Election

RE: Chris Manders' letter in The Press today wanting the Tories to stand aside.

In my view best interests would be served by a national ballot on the matter.

Derek Chapplow,

Middlethorpe Grove,



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