Corporation Bridge is an extremely historical and well known landmark of Grimsby allowing the transport of pedestrians and vehicles over the River Freshney in the town centre. Before being rebuilt as the bridge we recognise today, it was previously a swing bridge constructed and opened in 1872, meaning that the bridge has been around for over 150 years. 

It has sat as the current bridge since 1925, but some very much needed renovations caused it to close in February of 2023. According to the bridge and Corporation Road as a whole is expected to open towards the end of April in 2024, however after the reopening date was pushed back in October we may see the date pushed back once again depending on how fast the developments are occurring. 

Abbie Bowns, who works nearby to the bridge, said that the reopening “will make transport much easier between Victoria Street and Sainsbury’s” and that “it should hopefully decrease some of the traffic where people have been forced to follow diversions”.

Although pedestrians have been able to walk across the bridge still, it will be exciting for drivers when they can finally use the bridge again for easy travelling through the town.