Emergency services rescued a woman who was on the wrong side of the railings near a river in York city centre.

Two fire crews, paramedics and police officers were called to the scene in King's Staith near Ouse Bridge at about 10.30pm yesterday (Saturday, March 30).

The woman was on the wrong side of the railings “threatening to jump” into the River Ouse below, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said.

A service spokesperson added: “Crews stood by whilst ambulance crews liaised with the female and brought her over to the right side of the railings.

“The female then fled from the ambulance crews and fire service crews assisted in locating the female who was again threatening to jump in the river.

“Crews stood by whilst police officers negotiated with the female and brought her back into the care of ambulance crews.

“The incident was left with the police and ambulance crews.”