A YORK woman has been jailed for a year and put on the sex offenders’ register after she sexually assaulted a man in the city centre.

Amy McDonagh, 38,  was also banned from a city centre pub for two years for what the court called “appalling offending in public”.

It was one of several crimes the 38-year-old admitted carrying out, including intimidating a witness.

Police arrested her, held her in custody following the intimidation and sent her to York Magistrates' Court where she pleaded guilty and was immediately jailed.

McDonagh, of Del Pyke, York, admitted intentionally touching an adult male sexually when he didn’t consent to what she was doing and she didn’t reasonably believe he consented. She also admitted witness intimidation and two thefts.

She stole alcohol and food worth £83.10 from the Co-op store in Paragon Street, York, on January 11 and a £5.45 bottle of wine from the Sainsbury’s store in Piccadilly on the same day.

She was put on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

Jamie Innes, 44, of Sirocco Court, Heworth, was jailed for 30 weeks after he pleaded guilty to intimidating the same witness on the same occasion.