Acomb library is the heart of Acomb Front Street in more than one way. Of course, the building is at the centre, but the real heart of Acomb is the librarians who work inside it. 
Grace and Katie are two of the friendly faces who may greet those who come in. Both are there for anyone needing to have a chat or ask for any advice. They are both huge advocates of the space not just being an educational space, but also a communal area.
When asked why Acomb, both Grace and Katie talked about the community surrounding, and all about the community surrounding. Many who live in Acomb can feel the community, and just how many people are willing to help. 
One of the things librarians love most? Reading. Grace has read In Memoriam by Alice Winn, a book she would recommend. Katie really enjoyed Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour, which is a book she recommends often. 
Explore Libraries aren’t just for friendly faces. They offer services for older members of the community such as technological classes, craft classes and other activities.  For the younger generations, clubs such as Lego club and Storytime’s are offered, as well as one off activities in Half terms and holidays. 
Acomb Library can be accessed by the bus routes 1, 4 and 5. There is also a car park and a bike rack next to the library.