There has been a recent surge in legislation that employers need to be aware of. Like Spring itself they will soon be upon us!

Here are 3 key updates to be mindful of:

  1. National Minimum Wage

For the first time, the top rate of national minimum wage will apply to workers aged 21 and over from 01 April 2024 (currently it only applies to those aged 23 and over). The new top rate is set to be £11.44 which is an increase of 9.8% from 2023.

Employers must ensure that the correct minimum wage payments are made or they will risk claims being made from staff which could result in significant penalties and in some cases, reputational damage.

  1. Flexible Working Requests

It is anticipated that key changes will include for this right to apply from day one of employment. Currently, an employee needs to have 26 weeks’ continuous employment to make a flexible working request. Employees will also be able to make two requests in each 12-month period (currently, they are limited to one statutory request a year). Employers should have a flexible working policy in place to ensure a fair process is followed. If there is already a policy in place, employers should check that it is up to date.

York Press: Ware & Kay

  1. New Right to Leave for Carers

Currently there is no specific right for carers to take leave, however with The Carer’s Leave Act 2023 receiving Royal Assent last year this is expected to become law after April 2024. This Act will allow carers to take at least a week of unpaid leave from the very beginning of their employment commencing. Employers should consider reviewing and updating their policies to address leave requests for employees who are also acting as carers for a dependant.

If you are an employer looking to review, add or update your internal policies, please contact our Head of Employment, Kalpesh Nakeshree on York 01904 716000 or email