A YORK based theatre group has raised £3,000 for local charities and is set to perform again to raise even more.

Bluelight Theatre Group was created 10 years ago by husband-and-wife duo Perri Ann and Craig Barley and was originally made up of members of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. It has since expanded to include members from many walks of life - from those in their 70s down to a member who joined aged just nine.

Since its inception, Bluelight has raised a total of £23,500 for two charities, the MND York Group and York Against Cancer, with £3,000 of this coming from the most recent production, Nithered.

Writer and cofounder Perri said: “It’s a lot of work but it’s fab being able to give them that money and it does make it all worthwhile. That’s why we do it."


Nithered was the group’s 10th anniversary production and also, its biggest and most expensive so far. Written by Perri herself, with the aid of the group dame Stephen Clark, it features a battle between the Snow Queen and Fairy Godmother - supported by a cast of well known faces from the three little pigs to ‘The Hoods’, a gang featuring Red Riding Hood and her sisters.

According to Perri, the group doesn’t ‘just do traditional’, instead preferring to take themes from known fairy tales and pantos with an added twist.

While the group loves to perform, it is also a chance to help others, with costs kept as low as possible for each play in order to donate as much money as possible to the charities.

York Press: Members of Bluelight presenting the money raised to both charitiesMembers of Bluelight presenting the money raised to both charities (Image: Provided)

Sets are created by Perri’s father-in-law, painted by her best friend, and the group is lucky enough to receive free rehearsal space from Acomb Working Men’s Club - the venue that has played host to the majority of past performances.

This approach suits the group well, with Perri saying: “The more we can save, the more we can give.”

Originally, the group was founded to raise money for a colleague who was diagnosed with motor neuron disorder, but after the lives of many members were touched by cancer, the group felt it important to split donations between both charities to help as many people as possible.

Bluelight’s next play, which will take place from June 20 to 22 at the Galtres Centre in Easingwold, features a slightly darker twist – a murder mystery set within the grounds of a theme park come reptile park. 

Tickets are available now through the Galtres Centre website.