The Greens declare that dualling the outer ring road will lead to an increase in traffic.

They imply, though they do not state clearly, that the overall level of traffic in and around York will increase, as if vehicles breed like flies.

If this is what they think, then I disagree with them.

Few people use the ring road for pleasure. Most drivers use it because they must as part of their work, and in going to and from work.

If this usage increases, most likely it is because the local economy is expanding, not because there is more space on the roads.

Vehicles do pollute, and they pollute the most when standing around in queues, engines chugging away as they idle.

Vehicles pollute less when they flow freely along the roads and have shorter journey times.

If the Greens believe that dualling the ring road will raise traffic levels across York, they should explain their reasoning, and not assume that any fool will understand what they mean.

David Martin, Rosedale Avenue, Acomb