A new Italian restaurant named Casa Nostra has opened its doors to customers and is already fielding numerous bookings.

I headed down to Cleethorpes to visit Casa Nostre, and I was greeted with stunning decor, a wonderful atmosphere, and friendly staff. 

I proceeded to speak with owner Selcuk Abay, who, partnered with Rami Al-Hasanayn and Coskun Findik, have brought the restaurant to the forefront of Cleethorpes. 

When asked about how they have been received in the area so far, Selcuk explained that “ever since we gave the telephone number out, the phone never stops ringing! Especially in the morning”. 

Casa Nostra is located in the old premises of Petit Delight and Corks Twenty Eight, which closed last year in June. When asked why they chose such a location, Selcuk explained: “When I first moved to this place, I was always going around this street, and when I saw this building, I was dreaming of the future. I had to get the building. I had to do business here because I like this building very much. I saw the advert from the property manager and told my friends we had to get it.”

He continued: “It’s a historical property. People have memories of this building. When we speak to people, they are always talking about their past. They were coming here, they were drinking, they were eating. People knew this building, and that’s why we wanted it.” 

Selcuk told us that he was hoping to “make people happy here, because if people are happy, then they will come along. This is our first goal, and once we succeed in that, it will be good for us.”

Selcuk, along with Coskun, are both from Turkey, and their business partner, Rami, is from Syria, but before he came to Grimsby, he was a pasta chef working in an Italian restaurant in London for years. 

When asked about Rami, Selcuk said that “our pasta chef Rami is very good at his job, and we trust him. He has more than 20 years of experience, so he is very talented.”

The trio say they hope to help make Sea View Street a better place. Selcuk explained that “people are always talking about the ‘old times’ down Sea View Street, and that, when we start here, I think people will be happy to come back. I think it will be a better place come summer. It will be famous again!”

Casa Nostra is open from 4pm-10pm on weeknights and from 12pm to 11pm on weekends.