CITY of York Council must be hoping residents have short memories.

Some years ago, we were asked to make room in our homes for a green bin and recycling boxes and to take the trouble to sort our rubbish accordingly, with the objective of saving the council money in landfill charges.

Apparently, we may now be asked to pay an extra charge for the privilege of saving the council money.

If we all refuse to pay the extra charge, declutter our homes by handing our green bins and boxes back to the council, and revert to putting all our rubbish unsorted in our black bins, the resulting extra bulk would require the council to revert to weekly black bin collections, and perhaps demonstrate that we are not the fools the council believe us to be.

But, in the words of the late David Frost, ‘that would be very naughty, and you mustn’t do it’.

Robert Batchelor,
Spring Bank Avenue, Dunnington