Social media users have complained of Instagram and Facebook being down.

Down Detector, a site monitoring problems online, including with social media apps, noted a spike in reports related to Instagram and Facebook today.

Over 1,000 people have reported issues including with sending and receiving messages. Many complained that people "should be used to this by now" amid recent problems.

During the outage, which also seems to have hit the UK, parts of Europe and Asia, many headed to X, formerly called Twitter, to complain.

The latest outage comes just two weeks after the social media apps went down for users globally.

DownDetector shows current outages via its website.

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Users of the services have taken to X, formally known as Twitter, to share their concerns over the outage.

As one user wrote: "Someone let me know when @facebook is back up and running again please!! I have to actually do stuff now. Ugh! #facebookdown thanks!!"

Another added: "Everyone checking Twitter for the annual #facebookdown tweets. We should all be use to this by now but I still log in and out to make sure before coming here!! Anyways happy hump day. #facebook".

One more user of Facebook wrote: "Hello Facebook Anyone else's #Facebook logged out? Can't log back in, keeps saying session expired or unexpected error? #facebookdown #meta."