A world record globetrotter has opened a new eco-friendly café in York. 

Gevish Kheddo, 23, has opened Snazzy Brew at 1A High Petergate.

When aged just 19, Gevish broke the Guinness world record for being the youngest person to visit every country in Europe.

Between his travels, Gevish managed to graduate from Canterbury Christ Church University, in Kent, with a degree in biomedical engineering. It was his degree that brought him to an engineering job in York.

He said: "I moved to York to work as an engineer, but I realised I wanted to do something more hands on."

The new café - which is now open - incorporates some of the coffee, tea, and chocolate that Gevish has encountered from around the world. However, his food is focused on championing British cuisine, with homemade sausage rolls being his pride and joy.

York Press: Snazzy Brew, at 1A High PetergateSnazzy Brew, at 1A High Petergate (Image: Harry Booth)

"We specialise in making sausage rolls, and making them properly," he said.

"Around the world British food isn't that popular, but I really do believe it's great."

The café hopes to be eco-friendly, with all furniture either recycled, or bought second hand. The counter-top at the till was made by hand, from wooden pallets.

Snazzy Brew hopes to attract tourists, locals, and commuting workers passing Bootham Bar either in the morning, or on a lunch break.

"Come over here, refresh and have a coffee. The atmosphere is meant to be very relaxing," he said.

"I want us to be part of enhancing the tourist experience when they come here."

York Press: A look at the homemade counter, made from wooden palletsA look at the homemade counter, made from wooden pallets (Image: Harry Booth)

Gevish also recognises the merits of neighbouring cafés, crediting them for all bringing something unique to the city.

He said: "I think it's great, there are so many different cafés here and it really enhances the experience for people."

Customer service sits at the top of the list of priorities at Snazzy Brew, although Gevish believes the best way to achieve that is by making his staff feel at home.


"Our main focus is to provide great customer service, but also to care about our staff," he said.

"I want this to feel like the best place to work at, because when staff feel loved they reciprocate it on to the customers."

As a new business, Gevish also encouraged customers to feed back to the staff about what they want from the café, adding that he wanted to cater to people's needs.

Opening yesterday (Wednesday, March 20), Snazzy Brew will open seven days a week, from 8am-5pm, Monday and Friday, 8am-6pm on Saturdays, and 10am-4pm on Sundays. The café is also dog-friendly.