Whilst we regularly read that tourism has added huge amounts of money into the city’s economy, do we the residents actually see the financial benefits in any way?

Visitor numbers are increasing, numerous hotels and student apartments are being built, yet the city’s debts have increased and we know funding is being significantly reduced.

Council tax is increasing, as are parking charges along with paying for our green bins. No doubt further costs or reduced services will come our way in the near future..

I think most residents understand the consequences of these funding and debt issues but equally many also feel that residents seem to be well down the list when it comes to the council’s priorities.

So why not introduce a tourist tax, as is so common in Europe? It could be as little as £1per person per night and would come from the tourists to be used only for the benefit of York residents.

This would not add additional costs to the hotel proprietors, as it would be passed on directly by them to the city council.

I appreciate this is not that simple and the council would have to consider how to deal with other accommodation providers such as Airbnb and holiday lets.

Nevertheless this could produce significant additional income and add benefit to some of the struggling services and facilities that are for the residents this city.

Ian McAndrew, Mill Lane, Wigginton