York-based Tell Media has been entertaining audiences at the AFC Asian Football Cup in Qatar.

The tv programming and broadcasting company , incorporated in 206 and located in Blake Street, provided big screen technology across 51 matches and 9 stadiums during the event in January and February.

The company delivered in-stadium screens that fans look to for close-up shots, score graphics and VAR updates.

It also supplied ,pre-match and half-time entertainment where its presenters would interact with the crowd.


Altogether, Tell Media's live match information and entertainment was presented to a record number of over 1.5 million attendees from across the globe.

In the heart of Doha, Tell Media supplied technical crew and state of the art equipment to generate adrenaline boosting, visual displays and interactive content with the goal of setting new standards in live sports engagement.

The company says it has a track record in immersive experiences, which transformed each match into a spectacle of excitement.

The AFC Asian Football Cup, a prestigious international tournament, brings together the best football nations in Asia to compete for the coveted title.

This year’s competition was particularly thrilling, showcasing the rich diversity and talent present in Asian football.

It was a tournament filled with memorable moments and exceptional skill, culminating in a highly anticipated final that saw the host country, Qatar, emerge as the champions.

York Press:

Tell Media says its success on the international stage brings pride and recognition to the local business community, demonstrating the global impact of regional expertise.

The company’s involvement in the Asian Football Cup is a testament to its team’s dedication and the innovative spirit driving its operations.

Tell’s Director, Tom Ellis, continued: "This project stands as a testament to our exceptional team’s dedication and skill. The fact that a York based company can have this impact in Qatar is significant for the wider York Business Community. It fills us with immense pride and it’s a milestone we are thrilled to celebrate and share.”

From Yorkshire to the Middle East and beyond, Tell Media says it is eager to build on this success, further advancing the boundaries of live sports entertainment. This project serves as a benchmark for future endeavours, promising even more exciting and engaging experiences for audiences around the globe.

Production Manager, Olivia Maltby, a University of York graduate, added: "There’s nothing quite like the buzz of excitement from a sports crowd in a stadium. Being in on the pitchside action over in Doha was a real proud moment.

"Hearing the response to the live visuals output by our team was just another reason as to why we do what we do. We are looking forward to another year of exciting work worldwide.”