A YORK restaurant has declared its Michelin ambitions since appointing a new head chef.

Trio, at 5 Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate, has recently appointed a new chef as the restaurant hopes to 'show York fine Turkish dining'.

Matt Simsek, manager, appointed new head chef Aydin Caliskan, who came from a Michelin star restaurant in Istanbul.

Since his appointment, Aydin has been changing the menu at the once tapas restaurant.

Matt said: "Everything he's doing is done really gradually.

"He's really confident in getting us a Michelin star."

York Press: A look at the new dishes made at TrioA look at the new dishes made at Trio (Image: Supplied)

The restaurant, which has recently celebrated five years in business, has been ploughing forward since being impacted by the installation of the Colliergate bollards.

"We wanted to show York the finer side of Turkish dining", said Matt.

Matt also went on to explain that he dreams of a day where Trio can have multiple locations, although insisting they can't lose the personal touch they expect.

"We're a family run business and we want to keep that, if we have a chain we want people to still feel the family side of things.

"We don't like the whole idea of people being given a set amount of time for the table, when you come here the space is yours for as long as you want it," said Matt.

York Press: Matt Simsek outside TrioMatt Simsek outside Trio (Image: Harry Booth)

Despite the change in menu, moving away from what was once a popular tapas location, Matt said the ethos of the restaurant in York won't change.

He said: "A lot of our customers say it's great value.

"The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, we want people to have good food and be comfortable here.

"It's always a nice quiet atmosphere."

The Turkish input on the restaurant doesn't stop in the kitchen, or at the Simsek family, as the interior was recently subject to a makeover from a Turkish designer.

Trio's restaurant is open from Sunday to Thursday from 12pm until 9pm, and 12pm until 10pm on Friday's and Saturday's.

The adjacent café and patisserie is open from Monday to Saturday at 8am until 4pm.

Currently, the menu features a Filet Mignon priced at £20.95, a Butternut Buratta Salad for £16.95, and a traditional Pachanga starter for £8.95.