Professor Nicola Spence CBE, a former pupil of The Mount School, delivered a lecture recently titled “Responding to an Increasing Threat: Protecting the UK’s Plants and Trees from Pests and Diseases”. This provided the local audience with a better understanding of their role in safeguarding the York’s plant life. 


Nicola outlined the vital role of her department, which investigates potential risks to the health of plants and trees. Which arise from various factors including invasive and exotic pests, the impacts of globalization, and the obstacles presented by climate change.


Nicola provided the audience with actionable steps to safeguard trees, including participation in Citizen Science projects, backing National Park Week initiatives, engaging in the #CheckaSweetChestnut campaign, and using the online Tree Alert system to promptly report any potential threats to tree health. 


The City of York Council oversees the care of around 30,000 public trees throughout the city. As residents of York, each of us plays a crucial role in preserving our urban greenery. Next time you're enjoying one of York's splendid parks on a weekend outing, keep a keen eye out for any signs of distress or disease in the trees. By simply observing and reporting any concerns through the Tree Alert system, you can contribute to the health and vitality of our city's beloved green spaces.


Let’s work together to make York an even a greener city!