A protest recently erupted from locals in the south of Lincolnshire where plans are being drawn up for a new “Springwell Solar Farm” to generate power for thousands of homes. However, this isn’t the only one. Another giant new farm is proposed at Roxby, near Grimsby, and there have been around 13 other plans proposed since October for even more massive farms to be placed over the countys’ countryside.


Whilst Lincolnshire has long been a primary exporter of food and livestock, this may soon be changing. The proposals have all faced massive opposition from residents and MPs of the area. But will this be enough? Residents claim that the farms are inefficient when compared to wind farms that can be constructed without ruining acres of agricultural land. A reduction in food production is a big fear for the rest of the nation and could damage the local economy. The county holds some of the nations’ most valued farmland and a reduction in it can seriously risk the country’s food security. Not only would farm production take a hit from these huge projects, locals claim that the farms would also ruin the natural beauty of the Lincolnshire countryside just for unreliable energy projects that can be placed elsewhere.


The question now lies, will we focus on future industrialisation or stick to what we know?