PLANS for a Hard Rock Café in the former TK Maxx Building in central York have been abandoned.

But the US-based themed restaurant chain says it is keen to develop a site elsewhere in York.

Former business partner North Star says it is progressing with plans for the associated aparthotel, and it hopes to have other takers for the Coney Street site in the coming weeks.

The move comes as a major blow for North Star, a York-based developer which in recent weeks has suffered from the failure of businesses linked to it and connected to flagship projects across York.

As the Press recently reported, these projects included the Eboracum Roman Quarter development in Rougier Street and the Heworth Green gasworks housing scheme development. North Star was a partner in the gasworks scheme until several months before the delivery company behind it went into administration last year.



However, North Star has also been involved in successfully delivering projects in York such as the Malmaison Hotel and it teamed up with Grantside to deliver student flats on the Mecca Bingo site, a development currently being built.

North Star announced the deal with Hard Rock in May 2022 to bring the iconic restaurant chain and a 64-bed hotel to the city centre, creating more than 75 jobs.

The move was seen as a much-needed boost to Coney Street, which has suffered many empty premises in recent years.

A planning application was formally submitted a year ago and approved by City of York Council last summer.

York Press: The cafe frontage

However, following the failure of the projects connected to North Star earlier this year, the Press sought an update from the US-based Hard Rock.

A spokesperson told us: “Hard Rock International, will unfortunately not be opening a Hard Rock Café with business entity 'North Star Rocks Limited' at 48 Coney Street, York.

“However, York remains an important market for Hard Rock international, and there is a vested interest in opening an outlet in York.

“Individuals and potential franchisees can view all our current international locations available, which can be found on the Hard Rock Café Franchise Website.”

A North Star spokesperson told the Press: “We are proceeding with the development of the aparthotel and working with a number of interested parties for the ground floor and basement.

“Unfortunately, this property did not work for Hard Rock Cafe but we hope that an alternative location can be found.

“We will be announcing the chosen operators for the building in the coming weeks.”

York Press: The hotel as planned

Hard Rock Café not coming to the former TK Maxx building, whose store closed in September 2022, is a blow for Coney Street, where York-based developer the Helmsley Group has major regeneration plans and on the nearby river frontage.

The Helmsley Group has no links with Hard Rock International, so it would not comment on the US company’s plans, including whether it might be interested in taking over the TK Maxx site and/or be an alternative partner for the US company.

A spokesperson added: “However, Helmsley Group continues to focus on the delivery of its Coney Street Riverside project and remains in consultation with York planning department with hopes for a decision in the next couple of months.”