Frankly I’m shocked that, as a result of council budget cuts, our libraries are yet again under threat of serious cuts or closure of some branches (The Press, February 24).

Do we value our children’s future of learning or our culture of popping into the library for a book browse?

We pay our council taxes yet we get short change when our values have been undermined. Have we descended into a cheapskate York with no values or respect towards the locals who live here?

Phil Shepherdson, Woodthorpe


Is there a green bin tax opt-out?

Regarding the introduction of an annual £46.50 charge for green bin collections: will this be automatically added to your council tax, or do we have an option to opt out?

My garden is relatively small. I’d be surprised if I could fill a green bag never mind a green bin. As a pensioner I certainly wouldn’t be paying a tax for a service I don’t require.

Mr Walton, Allington Drive, York


A car park on the Spark site could be nice little earner for cash-strapped council

With respect to cuts to the city council budget, the council leader said: “I will not preside over a council that sees itself hurtling towards financial ruin and bankruptcy.”

Good. So can we please see their favoured tenants Spark pay a proper market rent for 17-21 Piccadilly?

Now that parking fees are going up throughout the city a modest car park on that Piccadilly site would be expected to bring in something close to a quarter million pounds per annum.

Matthew Laverack, Lord Mayors Walk, York