Councillors voted to postpone discussing their own pay rise during a budget meeting in which York council tax was hiked.

The Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) has recommended that councillors in York receive a basic annual allowance of £11,392 backdated to May 2023, up from £11,282.

According the the council's constitution: "The basic allowance will be uplifted on an annual basis in line with any general salary increases payable to council staff taking into account any views specifically expressed by the Independent Remuneration Panel."

The IRP typically consists of local residents.


Recommendations from the panel are put forward without the input of councillors. The recommendations were due to be discussed in City of York Council's budget meeting on Thursday (February 22).

The meeting saw councillors set out a plan for £14.3 million worth of cuts, as they hope to mitigate a £40 million "black hole" in the authority's budget over the next four years. The basic rate of council tax was hiked by two per cent and the adult social care precept by 2.99 per cent.

However, the motion was recommended to be postponed until March, as there remained clarification on how the salary increases should be implemented, the meeting heard.

 York Press: Cllr Mark WartersCllr Mark Warters (Image: Newsquest)

Lord Mayor of York, Cllr Chris Cullwick, said: "Do I have the members approval to accept that, and deal with it at a later point?"

However, Cllr Mark Warters, who requested a named vote on the motion, said: "I'd just like to say no Lord Mayor, this is the most appropriate meeting to discuss this, especially when budget cuts, council tax increases are discussed.

"I would certainly like to see the York public see this item debated now."

Cllr Cullwick then conducted an informal hand raising, where every councillor except Cllr Warters voted to postpone the motion.