A YORK band is set for a hometown gig next month, returning with a selection of new songs.

After a hiatus from releasing and performing, Serotones are back with a show at The Crescent Community Venue on March 1.

They have also just announced that they’ll be supporting Hull band Fever at Bridlington Spa on April 5.

According to one of the five-piece - comprising Duke Witter, Sonny Leach, Sam Lambert, Thomas Elliott and Padraig Mullins - they’ve spent the time away wisely.

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Ahead of a first stage performance in two years Sonny Leach spoke about how the band’s creativity benefitted from time away from the circuit.

He said: “It was sort of like a forced break, a similar sort of feeling to lockdown if you know what I mean, where we were just left in a space where we just couldn’t physically gig.

“We had a full year of just getting together every now and then to write, but not really treating it as an official thing.

“I think our songs are getting better now because instead of thinking ‘we need to get this for the next gig’, there was no gig to be planning for so we could just do it for fun and I think that definitely gave us a new outlook for sure.

“When you’re constantly performing you think ‘right, we need to get this song to a giggable state, and then by the time it gets to a giggable state, you consider it finished and it might never reach the potential it could.”


The band have some new tracks for followers making their way towards The Crescent, with an acoustic version of ‘The Hurting Island’ already having been performed on Facebook.

Sonny said: “We’ve got four new songs that we worked on that year and there are more.

“It’s a similar sort of sound, in the way that all of the instruments sound together, but I think we’ve got almost got a bit of a ska sound.

“It’s quite hard to define even as it was before, but I think we’ve gone in a bit more for trying to take inspiration from different decades without any specific one.”

York Press: Guitarist Sonny said there were new songs on the setlist for The CrescentGuitarist Sonny said there were new songs on the setlist for The Crescent (Image: Barnaby Fairley)

The guitarist said that everyone in the band has been doing their own bit while getting together every month to write songs and then in 2023 they started getting offered gigs that they couldn’t say no to, including being offered a Shed Seven support for next year’s event in the city centre.

Sonny said: “To do a gig at Museum Gardens with a full crowd of York people would be a great opportunity for us.”

Tickets are available for Serotones, who are performing at The Crescent Community Venue on Friday, March 1 with guests Marseille and recently formed York band Fervent Red, via http://thecrescentyork.com/events/serotones-the-comeback-gig/