I had the honour to serve as York’s Sheriff in 2019-20 and 2020-21 and understand from that perspective the importance of the role York’s Lord Mayor and civic party play in the city’s annual public and other ceremonial events.

However, the panoply and pomp surrounding the civic party comes with considerable expense, including the costs involving the limousine, insurance and security, upkeep and related administration, as well as the costs of a flat in the Mansion House.

I think it is entirely reasonable to restrict spending on some of this as proposed by the current administration.

It is not, as some seem to suggest, a knee-jerk reaction by a Labour-controlled administration. City of York Council is dealing with the statutory requirement to balance its budget or go bust. There must be reduction in spending if we are to retain control over our financial affairs and not relinquish it to Westminster.

If I were still a member of the civic party, I would be ashamed to think that my convenience in being ferried about in the limo meant a child or vulnerable adult received less support.

Joanna Trythall, Holly Terrace, York


This is demeaning to the status of Lord Mayor

Like many other correspondents I am incensed by the proposals to demean the status of York’s Lord Mayor by evicting him from the Mansion House and making him use the buses. Has the present administration no respect for our wonderful traditions?

Most polls are predicting a Labour victory in the next general election. If this is now Labour policy, will Sir Keir Starmer be asked to leave 10 Downing Street and rely on public transport to get to work? Somehow I doubt it!

Brian Waddington, Terry Avenue, York