Libraries are vital facilities, their staff providing educational, social and information services all rolled into one.

I write this sitting in York Central Library as I do not have a PC or internet access at home.

Yes, there are actually many of us who do not have internet access and rely on libraries to do things vital things like job applications, benefit applications and more.

The proposed cuts to the library budget by York Labour are shortsighted, display ignorance of the importance of libraries and what a vital service their staff provide, and moreover will impact and disadvantage the least well off in our society.

In the past hour staff have helped a person type a letter, signposted me to where I can find support and assisted some children in finding reading materials they may like.

Without access to libraries people could well not be able to get in that benefits appeal, may not be able to apply for that job or have the opportunity to learn how to utilize the IT to do these tasks.

York library users congratulate Explore for opposing the proposed cuts, and urge the Labour council to rethink them.

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Embarrassment for York

Only a socialist-led council could both embarrass and belittle the reputation of one of the world’s finest cities, York, by expecting its Lord Mayor to attend public duties via public transport.

All to save a measly £10,000 whilst the council is millions of pounds in the red.

Peter Rickaby, West Park, Selby