I wholeheartedly agree with Brian Watson (Letters, February 17) about the Mansion House and the civic party.

Some 52 years ago I was privileged to live in York’s Mansion House during my late father Harry Boulton’s term as a Labour Lord Mayor (1972-3).

As Brian rightly says the London and York Lord Mayors were the only two in the country with ‘Right Honourable’ in the name.

The budget cuts if they succeed will likely see all this end - yet another appalling, ill-thought-out decision by the ruling Labour group on council.

York as a city is second only to London in precedence. York’s Mansion House is a stunningly beautiful place that was actually completed 24 years before London’s. It was purpose built in the 1730s for its Lord Mayor and yes, it should be lived in and preserved for the dignity of the Lord Mayoralty!

The Mansion House a few years ago had a £2.6 million refurbishment - a shocking waste if this Labour plan becomes reality.

The civic party being asked to use public transport? With our bus and congestion problems they will never get there - a total insult to the office of Lord Mayor.

Why is it that you never see any of our 47 councillors’ allowances being reduced or even axed to help plug these deficits?

I am very glad my Dad isn’t here to witness what his beloved Labour Party has become politically in York.

Peter Boulton, Orchard Gardens, Huntington, York


Labour values?

Brian Watson (Letters, February 16) is well qualified to speak on Labour changes to the Civic Party - and not just as a former Lord Mayor.

Having been ignominiously dropped as a Labour councillor after decades of loyal commitment he knows how the ideology and objectives of the party have changed.Traditional Labour values are no longer welcome.

Matthew Laverack, Lord Mayors Walk, York


I don’t believe it!

I cannot believe any council could consider not using the Mansion House as the Lord Mayor’s home.

Perhaps they should make huge savings by reducing the number of heads of departments on £200k per year as they employ consultants to sort any problems out.

Dave Matthewman, Green Lane, Acomb


Good money after bad

There is talk of the bollards in Acomb being removed. Indeed, if my memory serves me right, this was a stated aim of Labour councillors at the last election.

While I agreed with that aim, does not that proposal need to be shelved in light of the financial position which the Labour administration have inherited from their Lib- Green predecessors? Removing them now would be akin to throwing good money after bad.

Perhaps the money saved by abandoning the proposal could be used to allow future Lord Mayors continued use of the civic car. We ought to retain some civic pride.

David Laverick, Hobgate, York


Honour libraries contract

Many residents value our library services highly and it is a credit to them including both employees and volunteers that we have been able to maintain services in York when several other areas have had their services seriously affected.

An important part of that is the long term contract agreed with Explore.

That contract should be honoured as a commitment and is no longer a variable council expense which can be cut.

I hope that Explore will stick to their guns and make the council honour that commitment. If leeway is given this year Explore is likely to be a target in future years too.

Tony Brook, Bishopthorpe