IT is shameful that the City of York Council that promised us so much is willing to cut expenditure to the libraries which are the heart of every community.

Places without libraries die, they become soulless - what I do not understand is that the council is saying there is no money and yet we are a city with lots of student flats and the owners of those flats do not pay council taxes (they say that students are exempt) however the students still get full use of all facilities offered by the council.

Thousands of pounds could be collected from owners of those student flats, that money could easily go to saving the libraries which are important.

Owners of students flats say if they have to pay council taxes they would have to pass that on to the students, well so be it, the rest of us residents in York keep getting our council taxes raised why should we be the only ones paying?

I know that this gap used to be filled by the Government but it was taken away (fancy that!).

The Government deems it far more important to spend billions on a railway that will only benefit a small portion of the country.

I agree that councils are stretched these days but there needs to be some sense into what is going to be cut and closing libraries and cutting funding to them is not sensible. Come on councillors - save our libraries!

Lynette Mills,

Fishergate, York


By-election losses show Tories in disarray

THE result in Wellingborough says it all. Labour overcame a 18,500 majority. The Tory party is in total disarray. It all started with the ousting of Boris Johnson (which should never have happened) and has carried on with numerous leaders, back biting, petty quarrels ,broken promises and the inability to keep promises with everyone looking over their shoulders because they don't know who to trust.

Where will it all end? I'll tell you where - Starmer will have the keys to No 10 that's where.

And if that happens then God help us and may that same God have mercy on our poor souls.

M Horsman,

Moorland Road,



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Most people are kind - thank you for helping us!

MY wife of nearly 50 years was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a little over two years ago though up to the end of last year she could easily walk into town from our house but since the new year her balance and walking has deteriorated to the point that taking the bus or car is now necessary.

On a recent return from town we encountered a driver on the number 6 who berated me for having the audacity to try and help my wife on to "his" bus without "his" express permission!

In total contrast, on the afternoon of Monday, February 12, we walked up to Hull Road to catch the excellent P&R service.

As we approached the bus stop my shoe lace came undone so I had to "prop" my wife up against the shelter while I fixed it.

As I stood up, a lady in a red car had seen us and driven across to the bus layby to inquire if she could help! How amazingly good of her.

This kind act was followed by the number 8 driver waiting patiently for us to sit and then asked if it was OK to move off. He was equally helpful when we alighted. This was repeated when we returned on the same service later but this time with a young driver.

This experience confirmed my belief that the majority of people are kind and helpful, it is such a pity that one bad apple can ruin the barrel.

My grateful thanks to all three and a good solid raspberry to the driver that clearly needs customer service training!

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