A York musician is preparing for the release of his band’s debut album.

Rowan Evans is the frontman of Rowan and Friends – a five-piece folk pop group based in York.

On Tuesday, February 27, the band release their debut album Rock N Roll Super Powers.

Rowan has written the songs which he says join several music genres.

York Press: Rowan EvansRowan Evans (Image: Dylan Connell)

These include everything from radio rock to country to more “grand sounding” indie hits.

Inspiration has come from far and wide for the 13 tracks.

Rowan says The Great Crash is written about a multi car pile-up in Scotland while other tracks are inspired by playing at different venues over the past two years.

York Press: Rock N Roll Super Powers by Rowan and Friends. Artwork by Harry Clowes (Stingray Ryder)Rock N Roll Super Powers by Rowan and Friends. Artwork by Harry Clowes (Stingray Ryder) (Image: Harry Clowes/Stingray Ryder)

York’s inspiration is shown on Leeman Road.

The track was written after Rowan saw the street sign while out in the city.

He explains how the sign got him thinking about being able to see the River Ouse from part of Leeming Road.

York Press: Rowan and Friends on stageRowan and Friends on stage (Image: The Silver Reserve)

This spiralled into him writing a story about misinterpreting messages.

“It’s about misunderstanding something,” the 25-year-old says.

Rowan plans to release the album on most major streaming services as well as on CD.

York Press: Rowan Evans on stage at The CrescentRowan Evans on stage at The Crescent (Image: Rowan Evans)

He hopes to release music on vinyl in the future, but admits it is expensive.

After the album is out the band will go on tour to promote it.

They play the Crescent in York on Thursday, February 29, to kick things off.

Afterwards the band heads south for shows in London and Bristol.

York Press: Rowan Evans, Rowan and Friends frontmanRowan Evans, Rowan and Friends frontman (Image: Nathan Luke)

They then return north to perform in Leeds and Edinburgh.

The tour ends in Rowan’s home city of Coventry on Sunday, March 10.  

Rowan arrived in York two years ago and has since become known in the local music scene.

He has previously performed at venues across the city, including the Crescent and Golden Ball in Bishophill.  

Rowan on influences and song writing

In December Rowan sat down with The Press and cited musician Richard Dawson and lo-fi indie band Neutral Milk Hotel as early influences.

More recently he said he was inspired by indie bands The Mountain Goats and Big Thief.

Rowan described his song writing process as “chaotic”, adding his phone is “disgustingly full of notes” and he has “scraps of paper everywhere” with ideas for songs.

“There’s no organisation but it works,” he said.

Rowan explained he has no set song writing process – sometimes he starts with lyrics and other times it’s a melody.

“It depends on the day,” he said.   

“It’s quite chaotic – that’s the only way to do it.

“You’ve got to be ready for the ideas whenever they come.”

Rowan and Friend’s debut album is out on all major music streaming services on Tuesday, February 27.

To keep up with the band follow them on Instagram (@rowan.and.friends).