A York dog has devised a clever trick to fool his owner into giving him a treat – and the ploy has resulted in the pet going viral on TikTok and appearing in a top US news magazine.

Ex-racing Greyhound Burt concocted the trick against his owner Rebecca Tivey at their home in Fishergate.

It started when Rebecca adopted him four years ago.

Burt - now eight-years-old – would go out to the garden for the toilet and afterwards would get a slice of ham.

York Press: Burt with his owner Rebecca TiveyBurt with his owner Rebecca Tivey (Image: Mareks Strods)

But Rebecca explains he soon caught on to this and would go out into the garden, cock his leg without doing anything and come back inside for his treat.

She thought something was up when Burt would want to go back outside, despite her letting him out not long ago.

York Press: Burt eyeing up a slice of hamBurt eyeing up a slice of ham (Image: Mareks Strods)

“I realised he was faking a wee in the garden,” Rebecca told The Press. “I found that in less than an hour or so he would be asking to go out even though he just had.

“I had to go out and check he did go to the toilet.”

York Press: Burt getting one of his favourite treats - a slice of hamBurt getting one of his favourite treats - a slice of ham (Image: Mareks Strods)

The 32-year-old, who works at the University of York, shared a video on her TikTok page (@burt_the_greyhound) explaining Burt’s cheeky trick and it was viewed 56,900 times.

It even prompted a reporter from US news magazine Newsweek to get in touch with her.

@burt_the_greyhound Which makes me a good boy 🤴 #funnygreyhound #longdog #greyhound #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Netflix South Africa


"They said they wanted to write a story about Burt and wanted to ask me questions," Rebecca explains. "It was a really nice surprise. I never aimed to achieve anything with the TikTok."

Newsweek ran a story on Burt on its website’s ‘funny’ section.

York Press: Burt lives with Rebecca Tivey in FishergateBurt lives with Rebecca Tivey in Fishergate (Image: Mareks Strods)

The magazine's main coverage is of current affairs in America.

Rebecca says she created the TikTok page simply to share Burt’s antics with the world.

York Press: Rebecca says Burt sleeps for 10 hours a dayRebecca says Burt sleeps for 10 hours a day (Image: Mareks Strods)

“I made the TikTok just to capture the things he gets up to,” she says. “He’s quite a character.”

Burt was born in Ireland and taken to Manchester to race.

Rebecca adopted him from Warrington through Northern Greyhound Rescue.

When she got him, she says Burt was “so sad and nervous”.

York Press: Rebecca describes Burt as a 'very sweet dog'Rebecca describes Burt as a 'very sweet dog' (Image: Mareks Strods)

But now admits: “He’s definitely in charge… he’s ruling the roost.”

Burt is a 'very sweet dog' - Rebecca 

Rebecca describes Burt as a “very sweet dog”.

“He’s very chilled,” she says. “Lots of people think Greyhounds need lots of exercise but they’re sprinters.

“He’ll run for about 10 minutes then he’s done for the day.

“He sleeps for about 10 hours.”

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Rebecca and Burt are part of Sighthound Social Club.

The group regularly organises dog walks and days out across Yorkshire, including from the Fulford Arms in York.

It aims to support people with ex-racing Greyhounds but is also open to those with Whippets, Lurchers, Salukis, Italian greyhounds and more.