I wonder how many people agree with me that, instead of millions being spent millions on upgrading York railway station, money could instead be spent on sorting out the pot holes on most of the roads in York and surrounding countryside.

When driving, one can’t see a hole in the tarmac until it is almost too late and then the sudden ‘crunch’ and ‘swerve’ can be quite scary, especially if there is on-coming traffic. It would be interesting to know when the council intends to sort this problem.

Mrs Jenny Hildyard BEM, Melbourne Street, York


More solar panels please

I was pleased to read that York Golf Club have decided, as a result of rising energy costs, to install solar panels (The Press, February 7).

Yet having read many Press articles on proposed new developments, and seen many ‘artist’s impressions’, not one to my recollection show any indication that solar roofing is part of their plans.

It would seem that developers and planners are not interested in ‘green issues’.

I wait to be enlightened.

John Forrester, Foxwood, York