A NEW book by the Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell is being published which he said ‘would have helped me when I first explored Christianity’.

P is for Pilgrim – The Christian Faith: A Journey from A to Z by the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell and illustrated by Jack Seymour, will be published on February 15.

Publishers Hodder & Stoughton said almost 80 key Christian terms, ideas, concepts, people, events and occasions are concisely and clearly explored in the work.

Archbishop Stephen said: “It aims to be a resource for Christians of all ages, providing an introduction to the basic words, ideas and concepts that you will encounter as you journey in faith and become part of the church…a set of reference points for anyone who wants to understand the Christian faith.

“If you’re searching for meaning in life and want to more about the Christian faith, this book is for you.”

Publishers Hodder & Stoughton said the hardback book is beautifully illustrated throughout with original lino print illustrations by Jack Seymour.

They added that the Archbishop also makes lino prints – although he said they are not nearly as good as Jack’s – and one even managed to sneak its way into the book.

Archbishop Stephen said: “This is a book that I’m sure would have helped me when I first explored Christianity.

“It explores and explains most of the key concepts and ideas that underpin the Christian faith and the deep mysteries of some beautiful but complicated words.”

A spokesperson for the Archbishop of York said that a half-term trail activity linked with the book will be taking place inside York Minster between February 10 and February 18.