SEVERAL large trees in York have fallen victim to the storms and flooding of recent weeks.

A number of mature trees have either fallen down entirely or suffered severe storm damage along the the river Ouse close to Millennium Bridge.

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York Press: Damaged trees along the river Ouse in York Damaged trees along the river Ouse in York (Image: John Firth)

Contractors have moved in to clear away the debris as high river levels in recent weeks have made any work impossible.

Local resident John Firth said:  "The trees that are down are massive, you cannot put your arms around them. I am no tree expert but it looks like they're rotted in the middle.

"They have been snapped like twigs.

"There is a massive one still up leaning over and it makes you wonder how safe the others are?"

Last month as Storm Jocelyn continued to thrash York with strong winds and heavy rain a tree could be seen lying in Tower Gardens, where floodwaters were slowly rising at the time.

York Press: The clear up operation underwayThe clear up operation underway (Image: John Firth)It appeared to have fallen when the gardens were impassable because of the flooding, removing the dangers which would have been created had people been walking in the gardens.

The tree had pulled its roots and a substantial amount of soil out of the ground.

York Press: One of the fallen treesOne of the fallen trees (Image: John Firth)