Inquiry teaches us nothing and is waste of money

WHILE the rest of us endure a cost of living crisis, the government can't resist the urge to throw our money down the drain on pointless public inquiries in search of virtuosity, thinking it will solve their troubled conscience.

The latest example being the Covid inquiry. Cost to date £78m, expected to be £155m by the time it finishes.

The chairman of the inquiry is doing very nicely and since December 2021 has pocketed £332,000 plus £7,000 in expenses. Lawyers' bank accounts have soared by over £19m.

All this to achieve what? Nothing the public were not aware of before this overly expensive unnecessary charade began.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,



This trio deserve a statue in York

THE Press asks for suggestions for a statue in York on the Nostalgia page(February 2). I have three suggestions:

(1) Prince Philip, the right hand to Queen Elizabeth II. Married for over 73 years, Philip was the Queen's consort. The back bone of the monarch deserves to be placed at the right hand as he did in life to Elizabeth on the west front outside York Minster .

(2) King Charles III who supported his mother (Elizabeth II) over his nearly 74 years in waiting before he ascended the throne, and

(3) the York native Guido Fawkes (Guy Fawkes) - the only man to enter parliament with honourable intentions.

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street ,




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When did we vote for a Mayor?

I AM surprised to read in the Press that I now live in a combined authority and there is a Mayor. I can't remember voting for any of this.

Harry Punter,