The York Press is staging a major business networking event next week at York St John University.

In addition to keynote speaker Tony Underwood, England Rugby International, Airline Pilot, Motivational speaker, there will be other speakers covering a range of topics.

The event takes place at the York St John Creative Centre from 5pm to 7pm on Monday February 12.

Among the speakers is Thomas Burton, York St John University’s Head of Apprenticeship Delivery Employer Engagement and Commercial Partnerships.


Thomas told The Press: “At the core of this networking event lies a focused exploration of the transformative impact that degree apprenticeships and workforce development can have. With a clear emphasis on propelling both business and economic growth, the event will delve into critical aspects such as management, leadership development, and project management.

“At the forefront of this initiative is the commitment of York St John University to work collaboratively with the local business community. The York Business School is strategically positioned to play a key role in supporting business growth and harnessing workforce potential through collaborative partnerships. The emphasis is on addressing regional skill gaps and providing practical solutions for continued business expansion.

“The event, set against the backdrop of the relentless pace of the business world, aims to showcase the tangible benefits of degree apprenticeships. A primary objective of the event is to inform employers on the pivotal role degree apprenticeships can play in bolstering local skills improvement plans for both York and North Yorkshire. By fostering collaboration between academia and industry, the goal is to empower businesses to not only survive but actively contribute to the broader economic development of the region.”

He continued: “Aligned with the ambitious goals of York St John University, the event serves as a crucial platform for dialogue and collaboration across key local sectors. Digital and technology, Agri-skills, engineering and advanced manufacturing, construction management, health and social care leadership, and the visitor economy are integral components of the region’s economic fabric.

“The objective is to create a skilled workforce capable of propelling innovation, sustainability, and overall success.”

“Navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape underscores the necessity to invest in workforce development. With degree apprenticeships emerging as a major focus by the current government, they present a unique and strategic opportunity for both employers and individuals to bridge the skills gap, securing the region’s position at the forefront of progress.

“Moreover, the York Business School stands ready to support business growth and harness workforce potential through collaborative partnerships. The commitment to working hand-in-hand with the local business community to address regional skill gaps is unwavering. The team of expert, industry-focused academics is poised to assist businesses in finding practical and innovative solutions that pave the way for continued growth.

“Explore the support for local businesses, delve into the array of CPD courses, uncover degree apprenticeship opportunities, and consider the possibilities of partnering in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Success is the priority; the event is the catalyst. “

Tickets are Free from Eventbrite: