ASK people of York which shop they'd love to bring back, chances are they'd say Woolies.

We've shared some photos of Woolworths in York in our nostalgia pages in recent weeks, but have just unearthed this gem.

The black and white photo, from the city council's Explore York archive ( dates from 1980 and is of Coney Street, facing on to Market Street.

It shows a van delivering goods to the popular store, which was a mainstay of the York high street for decades until it closed for good in 2008.

The photo also illustrates how Coney Street has changed over the years. Many of the stores and businesses in this photo have gone from our city centre.

Burton menswear once had a prominent position on the corner with Market Street, and can you see the sign for Willow Cafe on the left bang in the centre of the photo. Many readers have happy memories of nights at the Willow, legendary for its combination of dancing and dishes of Chinese food. It closed in 2015.

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