AN RAF serviceman has denied sexually assaulting a young woman on the dance floor of a York nightclub.

Bradley Graham Knight, 26, is alleged to have committed four sexual offences in seven minutes as the two were part of a crowd gyrating to music at Kudu nightclub.

He agrees that he danced twice with the young woman that night, but denies doing anything sexual towards her or with her.

Knight, then a senior aircraftman of RAF Leeming, denies two charges of sexual assault and two of causing the woman to engage in sexual activity.

Opening the prosecution, Dan Cordey said the woman was out in York city centre with friends. They went to pubs and bars before going to Kuda nightclub.

There, a man came up to her and they danced together.

“This was the defendant,” said Mr Cordey. “Nothing untoward happened.”

Afterwards she went downstairs and had a drink and realised that she couldn’t see her friends. She went back upstairs where she encountered the defendant again.

This time he took hold of her and carried her to the dance floor where he began dancing with her.

During the seven minutes they were on the dance floor he committed the sexual offences, alleged Mr Cordey.

The jury has seen CCTV of the crowded dance floor after midnight during what the prosecution allege is the time when the woman was sexually abused.

She claimed she tried to push him away during the incident and at the end, Knight walked away leaving her on the dance floor.

“She was unsurprisingly shocked and the full realisation of what the defendant had just done to her sank in,” alleged Mr Cordey.

She texted her friend and they met up. She was sobbing and upset, claimed Mr Cordey.

The jury has seen CCTV of the woman after the alleged sexual offences in the nightclub talking to her friend and then door staff.

Knight remained in the nightclub and door staff detained him about half an hour after he had left the woman.

Giving evidence, Knight agreed that he had been with the young woman twice but had only danced with her.

Asked if he had sexually assaulted her or got her to engage in sexual activity, he said: “I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t do that.”

He claimed she had her arms around his neck and he had his around her waist.

He denied that he had been drunk, saying he was merry. He denied that he had been hoping to find a girl that night alleging he was only interested in dancing.

He claimed he had had two vodkas with lemonade at a Northallerton pub before getting a train to York where he had two more vodkas with lemonade at each of a pub, the Stone Roses and in Kuda, where he also had a shot. He claimed he was drinking doubles.

The jury heard agreed evidence that when Knight was arrested, he appeared drunk to police as he was slurring his words and was unsteady on his feet.

Knight alleged that the woman was drunk and that he left her at the end of their second dance because of her state. He also claimed in cross-examination that he needed to get to his lift home, but agreed he spent another half-hour in the club after leaving her.

The case continues.