It was shocking to hear that King Charles has recently being diagnosed with cancer, this despite eating healthily, not smoking or drinking excessively and living a healthy lifestyle.

He has access to the best medical care available, and having a proven long-lived family background (his mother Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 years, his father Prince Philip at 99).

It just goes to show that health and wealth are no guarantee of an escape from a cancer diagnosis.

Here’s wishing King Charles a successful outcome following treatment.

DM Deamer, Monkgate, York


Throwaway society

Your article on strange items left behind by residential tenants (Press online, February 3) will have struck a chord with many landlords.

I was always amazed by students who, at the end of year, threw out high quality homeware goods, unused stationery, electrical equipment, clothes and expensive make up.

Sometimes these items were brand new and still in packaging. These students can’t have been quite as impoverished as often claimed.

However, we found the most disheartening thing left behind by the worst tenants was wanton damage, rubbish, filth, and of course unpaid rent and utility bills.

These were a small minority of renters but most landlords will have a story to tell of nightmare tenants that cost them dearly.

There is also the issue of tenants taking what they shouldn’t. We’ve had them taking furniture, fittings, appliances, light bulbs and anything else not nailed down.

Thankfully, these people are in a minority and we have found most tenants to be honourable decent people.

Matthew Laverack, Landlord, Lord Mayors Walk, York