A yellow weather warning remains in place for snow and ice in York and North Yorkshire as temperatures plummet.

A Met Office weather warning is in place for the North of England tomorrow (February 8).

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Met Office meteorologist Liam Eslick said most disruption this week is likely to occur on Thursday.

He said: “With the snow there is a chance that you could see some rail and air travel cancellations.

“If the snow does reach lower levels then we could also see some local impacts with travel disruption.”

He added that an easterly wind meant the highest accumulations of snow were likely on the “eastern upslopes running across the Pennines and the northern Welsh mountains”.

The forecaster added that it looked like a “cold spell” was on its way as an area of high pressure moves in over the UK towards next week.

Mr Eslick said: “It looks like we could see some cooler conditions starting to come back towards next week and it does look like it’s going to stick around towards the back end of February.”