A LOUD bang was heard over York this morning, just before midday.

At 11.52pm, residents in York reported hearing two loud bangs.

One reader of The Press, 89, from Fishergate said: "I heard a distinct bang, and possibly a slight vibration hitting my house, and thought it sounded a bit like a distant explosion or building collapse.

"I went outside just after the bang and could hear one of those jets flying high in the sky over York."


A woman in Muncastergate posted on Nextdoor, a hyper- local social media site: "Did anyone in Heworth area hear a huge bang about 11.55am? Sounded like an explosion.

“I’m hoping it was just a sonic boom and nothing more.”

Another woman posted: "We did in York. No idea but it shook our office.”

According to X, formerly Twitter, Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4, flew over York at a similar time that the bang was heard, meaning it potentially was a sonic boom.

However, the official cause is yet to be confirmed, updates to follow.

Semi-retired flight examiner Bob Sansoni was at his home in Stockton Lane when he heard the bang.

“I knew straight away what it was,” the 66-year-old told The Press.

Mr Sansoni explained how he believed the aircraft was a Eurofighter Typhoon as he heard a “double boom” which is associated with the jet.

He tracked the jet using an online flight scanner and said it disappeared over the North Sea past Scarborough.

Mr Sansoni added it is normal for jets to travel at high speeds over land but it does not happen often.