A DAUGHTER beat her mother up so severely doctors feared the parent would lose the sight of one eye, York Crown Court heard.

Chloe Davies, 25, punched her mother 10 times to the head when the two argued as they were drinking at home, said Rob Galley, prosecuting.

The mother was left with a face covered in blood, both her eyes were closed, she had major swelling around them and on her face and for a time had to take food through a straw.

“That is not what should happen to a mother at the hands of her daughter,” Judge Simon Hickey told Davies at York Crown Court.

Defence barrister Caroline Abraham said Davies was a frequent binge drinker and also used cannabis and cocaine. Her mother had pulled her hair at the start of the incident.

“You need to seriously think about your life and change your lifestyle,” the judge told Davies.

He said the 48-year-old mother was vulnerable because she had deep vein thrombosis.

Davies had an “unstable or violent streak” within her that manifested when she had been drinking or taking drugs or both, said the judge.

He warned that if she continued as she was, her health could deteriorate or she could suffer life-changing injury.

On the day of the argument, Davies had had two and a half bottles of wine, two of them bought by her mother, and the mother had had about seven cans of cider.

Davies, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to causing her mother actual bodily harm. She was made subject to a 20-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months on condition she does six months’ alcohol rehabilitative treatment and 25 days’ rehabilitative activities.

Mr Galley said the two women had been at home in the evening of May 14 last year.

The daughter had kept asking her mother “am I a bad person?” and was told she wasn’t.

The argument had started and Davies hit her until she stopped of her own accord.

The mother was taken to York Hospital in the early hours of May 15 where doctors told her of their concern about one of her eyes. However, the eye later  recovered.

The mother told police some months later that she believed her daughter was remorseful.

Ms Abraham said Davies had had difficulties but was now seeking help via her GP for mental health issues.

“She shows prospects of change,” said Ms Abraham. “She is still extremely young.”

Davies has previous convictions for assaulting an emergency worker and being drunk and disorderly.

York Crown Court heard she had been found drunk in the street in North Wales, threatened a police officer and when taken to a cell had stripped down to her underwear, kicked the cell door and showed other “very disturbed behaviour”, the judge said.